Magner 910

Magner 910

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The Magner 910 is a heavy duty multi-coin sorter designed with an alloy sensor for accurate batch counting setting and detection of foreign and forged coins.
This machine will allow the user to save self-learning sorting parameters as well as print the counted result with the total quantity, total value and quantity of each denomination. The Magner 910 also has extensive connectivity and can be connected to a PC, external display and is easy to upgrade. There is also an optional tube and bag adapter for all your coin packing needs.

Applicable Currencies: All currencies within size and thickness range
Speed: 600 coins/min
Hopper Capacity: 600 coins
Extender: 3,600 coins
Feed System: Alloy sensor
Display: LCD
Denomination Detection: Alloy sensor (able to sort multiple denominations at once)
Thickness of currencies: ≤3.5mm
Diameter of currencies: 14-31mm
Dimensions: 672(W) × 312(D) × 511(L)mm
Weight: 32Kg
Power supply: 120/220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 60W

Sorting: Option of 3/6/9 different coin pockets
Additional Counterfeit Detection: Alloy Sensors for the detection of foreign/counterfeit coins
Connectivity: RS232 (Thermal printer, External display), USB (upgrading, PC), PS2 (External Display), LAN (Ethernet)