Software upgrades

The following information applies to Magner 100, 150 and L1500 machines only. 
*The Magner 35 and 75 do not require new software to count future Euro notes.

All Magner machines - Magner 100, Magner 150, Magner L1500 - count the new €5 banknote (first denomination of the Europa series launched in 2013). 

In order to upgrade software for future issues of the Europa notes, and/or other notes which are not yet in circulation, the following upgrade and calibration tools will be necessary:

Magner 100

USB standard 2.0 cable (can be purchased locally)
Calibration papers (included with machine purchase)

Magner 150

Full kit is available at the time of purchase (€250/each)

Magner L1500

Full kit is available at the time of purchase (€250/each) 

Complete upgrade and calibration instructions are available here.  Detailed videos show the procedure step by step.  Also, our team of technicians is ready to assist you -