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1.5 Pocket Fitness Sorter
  • Separate FIT/UNFIT quality notes in 1 pass
  • Optional keypad and memory for dual (2) user feature
  • Upgradable for new series notes and/or counterfeits in the future (via LAN or USB)
  • Full line CIS and IR (Contact Image and IR sensors), Ultraviolet light, Florescent light, Magnetic Pattern and Thread sensors ensure ultra reliable valuation and detection of counterfeits and “super” counterfeits, and uniform fitness sorting
  • Tape sensor for FIT/UNFIT sorting
  • Optional Serial Number capture feature
  • Also available without Fitness feature

Up to 10 currencies

ECB approved


Standard Currencies:
EURO, US Dollar, Local Currencies (up to 
Tears, stains, tape, graffiti, soil, holes, crumples, dog-ears, etc.
Dual User (Teller) Feature:
*Optional keypad
Denomination Detection:
Full Image Sensor (CIS)
Counterfeit Detection:
Full line IR (Infrared), MG (Magnetic), UV (Ultraviolet) light, FL (Florescent) light, CIS (Contact Image Sensor), Size
Counting Speed:
Piece count – 1,500 documents per minute 
Value count – 1,500 documents per minute 
Fitness count – 1,000 documents per minute 
Serial number count *optional – 800 documents per minute 
User Interface:
TFT color LCD (4.3 inch), Audio
1 pocket and 1 reject pocket
Hopper Capacity:
200 to 300 (circulating) notes
Reject Pocket:
70 to 100 (circulating) notes
Stacker Capacity:
200 to 300 (circulating) notes
Variable 1 to 999
LAN and/or USB
Document Feed Mechanism:
300 (w) x 321 (d) x 310 (h) mm
Net Weight:
Approx. 13.9 kgs
Power Source:
110 / 240VAC. 50 / 60 Hz
LAN, USB, RS 232C (External display, Thermal printer)