Magner CD1000

Magner CD1000

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High-Security, Intelligent Cash Deposit System:
Efficient, secure cash management
Multiple security levels (depending on the user requirement)

High Speed deposits at 1,000 banknotes/min
CD1000 generates reports of all cash operations, including a full list of all activities:
• Banknotes counter in rolls
• Barcode reader
• Security lock
• Security Safe type UL 8mm or CEN IV
• Electronic lock
• Ticket printer
• Envelope deposit
• Drawer (escrow) for confirmation or cancellation of the deposit

System Characteristics:
• Authentication, Valuation and Consolidation
• Deposit capacity: Internal canvas bag of 2,500 to 10,000 banknotes. *Option – thermally sealed bag system for 3,000 banknotes
• Deposit speed up to 1,000 banknotes/min
• Feeder – 500 banknotes, Escrow – 200 banknotes, Reject tray – 30 banknotes
• 2,36” width thermal ticket printer
• Deposit for envelopes via anti-phishing slot
• 6,4” Touch screen

Security Levels:
CD1000 has locks with three different security levels:
1. Power supply to electronic lock via CIT ID login
2. Electronic lock with number combination
3. Time delayed opening; and mechanical lock with two keys.

• 1.96” high anchoring system with four anchoring points into the floor
• Digital security via encrypted transaction language
• ID via touch screen keyboard, with barcode reader option, and specific ID for CIT personnel
Web Service:
Via the web service, all information about the condition and operation of the machine is available by a remote control allowing the user to view the machine levels in real time.
Technical Specifications:
Size Options:
3,000 Banknotes: 99.99 x 45.99 x 44.98 cm
10,000 Banknotes: 125.98 x 59.99 x 56.99 cm
Weight -UL Model: 90kg
CEN IV Model: 280kg
Interface-TCP/IP (Ethernet), GPRS, USB