Magner 350+

Magner 350+

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The Magner 350 Plus is a multi-pocket banknote counter and sorting solution.
Designed for mixed denominations, the adjustable counting speed allows counting of both new and unfit banknotes with several sorting features. The Magner 350 Plus includes a touch screen tablet interface, user friendly operation, and easy maintenance. High connectivity also allows this model to recognize serial numbers in “real-time”, there is no need to project onto an external PC. With the ability to compare serial numbers and detect black-listed notes the Magner 350 Plus is the ultimate weapon against counterfeit banknotes.

Applicable Currencies: Maximum of 10
Speed: Piece/value: 1,000 notes/min
Fitness: up to 1,000 notes/min
Hopper Capacity: 600-1000 notes (depending on banknote quality)
Stacker Capacity: 200 notes x 3
Reject Capacity: 200 notes
Feed System: Friction Roller
Display: 8” Touch Screen Tablet
Denomination Detection: Full line MG (magnetic) sensor, IR transmission, UV reflection
Thickness of currencies: 0.08-0.12mm
Size of currencies: W: 100-190mm, H: 60-90mm
Dimensions: 700(W) x 480(D) x 522(H)mm
Weight: 47kg
Power supply: 100/240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 249W

Counterfeit Detection: Full Image IR Transmission (CIS), Full Line MG (Magnetic; 16 channel), UV Reflection x 1 (6 channel)
Serial Number and Barcode recognition: “Real-time” serial number recognition at up to 500 banknotes/min, also includes serial number comparison.
Fitness Sorting: Tape, Dog-ears, Soiled, Torn, Holes, Graffiti, etc (12 Channel Tape Sensor, CIS)
Connectivity: USB (A-type) x 2, USB (C-type) x 1, USB Mini (B-type) x 1 (Tablet)